Since 2004, CCIR has been streaming music 24/7 to listeners all over the Internet!
Evenings, CCIR webcasts games and events of local interest, especially high school sports.
Get your games on the Internet!!

CCIR is also all about helping small/medium businesses get
their message out to customers through quality Internet broadcast programming.
The initial consultation is always free, so give us a call or send us email!

We have webcasted
  • SMU Women's Basketball
  • Heath Hawk High School baseball
  • Garland Lakeview High School basketball
  • Rowlett Lady Eagles High School softball
  • McKinney Marshals baseball
  • Ontario Blue Jays Mickey Mantle baseball
  • Frozen Ropes McKinney Mickey Mantle baseball
  • SoCal Bombers Mickey Mantle baseball
  • McKinney Boyd High School Baseball
  • Rockwall High School Baseball
  • District 10-5A Today
  • District 11-5A Today
  • Lou Rogers Gospel Hour

CCIR is looking to get your message out on the Internet!
Cost is $75 per month!
CCIR will put your pre-recorded sermon or service on Sunday mornings
anywhere from 6 AM to Noon!
Slots are limited and they'll fill on a first come basis!
Live services are possible as well!
Contact CCIR now for details!

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